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As a business owner, having a presence online is critical to business growth and expansion. A stable online presence opens your business to the world and helps your business attract local and international opportunities. However, it is not enough to just have a strong brand online, you need to establish your brand on a platform you can trust to deliver the most value and the most competitive rates. 

We took our time and carefully searched online to find hosting companies in India that have the best ratings in terms of service, pricing, ease of installation, security, support and storage capacity in India. The hosting companies selected were rated based on the above parameters because these parameters are important to any business but, we focused on each company’s service strong points to help you see the best option for your business at a glance.


There is a reason why this hosting company is on practically every list available online. 

Installation and Bandwidth Storage
Apart from the fact that it offers easy, 0ne-click installation, it also allows users to own unlimited email accounts and they provide unmetered disk space plus unlimited bandwidth. Creating your own website or blog also becomes much simplified with HostGator. There are hundreds of drag and drop templates that come for free when you sign up for this hosting service and it comes as cheap as Rs. 222.

E-commerce Support
HostGator also supports ecommerce and this is something that can easily boost the sales of any business. This means that you can start your online shop anytime you want. HostGator promises round-the-clock support so it does not really matter what time zone you are on. You can get answers to your questions as quickly as possible. The company is reputed as having reliable customer support services. The hosting service uses c-panel, an easy-to-use control panel; this means that you don’t need to have a background in rocket science to get your business online. HostGator provides a lot of real-time and pre-configured support processes to make the use of their service easy even for a newbie.

HostGator tops plenty lists as having 99.99 percent uptime. This means that the chances of your business website becoming unresponsive and unreachable is drastically low. This is good news for any business that operates in real-time.

Money-back Guarantee
HostGator gives users up to 45 days to test their hosting service. During this refund grace period, users can ask for a full refund if their expectations are not met. 

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Bluehost makes this list and also features consistently and prominently on other similar lists for some distinct reasons.

Ease of use and one-click installations
Bluehost is recommended for beginners and newbies because it is easy to manage and use. It also allows for one-click installations of Wordress, Drupal andMagento.

Easy Site Performance Tracking
Bluehost provides a simple dashboard that lets users view their uptime, page load and page download speed, and usage trends. This tool allows users track their performance in real-time.

Automated Migration
Bluehost lets you transfer your hosting from another hosting company’s service to their own platform automatically and within few minutes. His saves you the extra work of manual file transfer.

Free Domain, c-panel and Free Website Builders
When you host with Bluehost, you get a free domain and their free website builders lets you set up your website within a short time. The platform also uses c-panel like the other hosting companies.

Fast Load Time
Bluehost also has one the fastest load times when compared with other competitors. This improves a website’s google algorithm placement and makes the website attractive to visitors (visitors can easily get turned off by slow loading websites and this can negatively increase bounce rate).

Affordable and Reliable Hosting
Bluehost starts at a monthly entry price of Rs. 207 and provides more services for less than many of its competitors. It provides unlimited hosting space, unmetered bandwidth and an impressive storage space.

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While these hosting companies differ in the kind of value offerings they provide, you need to know exactly what your business needs. This knowledge is what will ultimately guide your decision on which hosting service company to settle for.

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