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Print Posted by 1 Host Web on 02/21/2017

Type of web hosting that you need to host your website!

Type of web hosting that you need to host your website!

Do you want to host your website? If yes, you must know what is web hosting. Web hosting is a process or a business in which the storage space or access is provided for the websites. It is assumed that all companies or businesses should ensure their web presence so that it will aid in their progress. For achieving the goal of web presence, the company or the business should have its own web page. Here are some important types of web hosting you should have:

Shared web hosting:

One of the most common and popular types of web hosting is shared hosting. In this type of hosting, all the information and resources related to your business are accessible to your clients. Shared hosting allows you to have the liberty of sharing information on a larger scale. The advantages of shared hosting are as follows:

  • Low cost
  • Creation of personal domain
  • Tools that helps in customization
  • Efficient and dynamic

Apart from the advantages, there are also some disadvantages of shared hosting that are:

  • Somewhat unstable server performance
  • Inability to have a proper control on the server
  • May result in bad consequences due to sharing

Dedicated hosting:

The dedicated web hosting means you are not sharing the server with any of your clients. You are in full control of all the information that is being transferred. Both managed and unmanaged servers are included in dedicated hosting. Theadvantages of dedicated hosting includes the following:

  • 100% control of the applications
  • Don’t have to share the server with other people
  • Setting, maintaining and developing is done

Dedicated hosting has some disadvantages as well that are explained below:

  • Expensive as you have to maintain it frequently
  • High maintenance is required especially for the unmanaged hosting

VPS hosting:

Virtual private server (VPS) is sometimes considered as the combination of dedicated hosting, shared hosting and cloud hosting. With the help of VPS hosting, you can have the liberty of reducing the expenses while at the same time you share your resources with the clients on a single server. Moreover, you can also divide the information into different segments. Here are some advantages of a VPS hosting system:

  • Manages site independently
  • Cost effective
  • Have a full control over the operations

The disadvantages of VPS hosting includes the following:

  • May require high maintenance
  • Well-trained staff is required for set up

Apart from the above mentioned types of web hosting you can use for the creation of your website, WordPress hosting is another option. In WordPress hosting, you perform different activities that are designed to fulfil the specific WordPress needs of a company. With WordPress hosting, you can get things done in lightning fast speed and with much more security. You can also keep the server up to date and it will also increase the uptime of your website.

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